/Partisipasi LPLH&SDA-MUI pada World Muslim Leadership Forum

Partisipasi LPLH&SDA-MUI pada World Muslim Leadership Forum

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Sustainable socio economic development, Mr Hayu Prabowo explained that sustainable development is a combination of economic development with social justice, understood in terms of distributive equality. The Green model contracts with the conventional model, in wich the environment is conceived as something to be exploited.
He highlighted the importance of a green economy when both society and its economy are dependent on natural resources, as, for example, is the case in Indonesia. He emphasized the Islamic rationale for such an approach, as Islam teaches that we are entrusted as quardians of the earth.
“ The banking system need to “go green”, to provide responsible investment and lending, in such a way as supports and protects the economy, society, and environment “ Mr Hayu Prabowo.